Monday, September 23, 2013

Canada F%*k Ya! ....

On Wednesday the 11th of September we began the last leg of our journey. With the help of our CS host Janine we crossed the US Canadian border from Port Huron, Michigan into Sarnia, Ontario.

From Sarnia we road on east to London. Just as we hit town when though there was a torrential down poor and an apparent looming tornado and we ended up soaking wet and hold up in a local high school. When we finally arrived at our CS hosts Dave and Celina's place  you could say we were more than happy to be there :) Dave and Celina were great hosts hosting us along with another couchsurfer they already had staying. We all shared a delicious curry dinner made by the other surfer Min and fondue for desert made by Dave. The next day they fore casted more storms so we decided to wait it out in case it was a intense as the day befores rain had been. Of course there was only a few spits from the sky that day. Though I took the day to do some well needed bike maintenance especially after the rain we had see of late and enjoy a walk by the river. 

On Friday the 13th  there was no more mucking around we were only two days out from the end and we needed to get some miles in that day. We headed off to Hamilton in the 5 degree temperature only to be met with strong head and side winds the whole day. Not to mention the high numbers of trucks that were blowing us around the first half of the day on the 2. After Paris we took some lovely back roads it was still cold but not having those semis rushing by was a nice reprieve even though we got chased by a few dogs. We made it to Dundas/Hamilton by 6pm with our knees knocking from the cold and wind burnt faces. That night we stayed with our last couch surfing host of the trip Renee and her boyfriend Sean. We shared a lovely warm meal with them and some great conversations before we hit the sack hard from our days exhalations. 

Saturday the 14th of September we rose early to begin the the final riding day of our tour from New Orleans to Toronto. To be honest I couldn't believe we were so close only 50 miles to go. When we left Renee's place it was another cold day 5 degrees but less windy than the day before. We had a bit of a climb out of Dundas but it was actually welcomed as it warmed us up a little. The rest of the day we wound our way along the Waterfront trail all the way to the Toronto Harbor Front. We road up to the centre of down town the Younge and Dundas square where we crossed the finish line of our awesome summer Odyssey from the gulf of Mexico to Canada. 

You beauty ! We did it !!! 

Riding through 11 US states and one Canadian Province. We road through the steaming heat of the south and the windy plains of the mid west. Taking in some breathtaking scenery as we followed along the mighty Mississippi and road around the Great Lakes. More stunning than the scenery though would have to be all of the wonderful folks we met along the way and the hospitality they showed us. A huge thanks goes out to all of you!! We couldn't have done it without you l!! :)   

Until next time .... ;)

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  1. Hi Amy and Anna,
    Took me a while but I finally finished ur blog. Great trip!! So what is next for you vagabonds? I have a trip list for next summer to choose from, Mississippi River trail-south to north, or finish the Lewis & Clark trail St. Louis to Missoula, MT(used part for my Northern Tier) or a Lake Superior circle tour. It's good to have choices. So many rides so little time. If you are ever back in the area doors open.
    Ed Moore
    La Crosse, WI WS host and sometimes tourist