This blog is to serve as a diary of sorts of the adventures of myself Itchy (Amy-Nicole Peters) and my fellow rolling partner Mitts (Anna Wilkenfeld). We will be embarking on a trip over the next couple of months through middle America via bicycle.


  1. Cute picture of you guys, Lookout Middle America! wishing you many donations Enjoy seeing it all Love you Heaps! <3 <3 :) Yeeha!

  2. Donating done... Excited for yas... be safe go easy but hard have fun asmuchaspossible xxoo

  3. Itchy & Mitts!!

    So my wife and I decided -- since we have never met anybody named Itchy and/or Mitts!! -- that we would be honored to host you or help you in any way. We are friends of Marty Mahar (who I think is friends with one of your mothers?) and we live 30 miles south of Nashville in a little town called Spring Hill.

    If you need a bed, a home cooked meal, a washing machine, a hot shower, and/or a cold drink, and if your adventures take you near us, please don't hesitate to contact us!!

    Be safe & Be fun!!

    Steve & Allison Schneberger

  4. Happy 4th of July Amy and Anna! It was so nice chatting with you at the Dock at the Natches Trace Ratcliff Ferry Landing yesterday. So happy we had some watermelon for you, during our broken down state with our boat transmission. Hope you had a restful night with all the planned activities there at the Ferry last night!

    I will email you anyone's info that I see along your route after checking with my husband, Craig.

    Best to you both.
    Debbie & Craig Henry
    Brandon, MS

  5. Hey steve sorry I am only seeing your post now we are currently in Nashville and headed northwest tomorrow out of town. Would have been great to meet you thank you for your offer :)

  6. Hey Debbie glad you found us on here was nice to meet you guys at the dock that day thanks again for the water mellon ;) keep in touch :)

  7. Thomas and Cindy Robinson from The S. F. Fire Department are so relieved to see you made it!!!! Oh my gosh!!! Unbelievable!!!! We old ones watched the whole trip!! You women are the biggest adventurers we know!!!! May you always be safe and have fun!!! YOLO!!!!